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Patient Advocacy: Healthcare on your Side

Patient Advocacy: Healthcare on your side

   by Martine G. Brousse
Healthcare Specialist, Patient Advocate, Certified Mediator

Five Useful Apps to help 

manage your Health.. and they're free!

In these days of financial cutbacks, growing limitations of services,  and talks of deficit and doom, isn't it refreshing to see that the US Government, and its health-related agencies, have been hard at work creating apps that benefit our lives, enhance our well-being, help manage our health, and educate us at the touch of a screen, and at no cost?
Here are five favorites: 

 By: National Institutes of Health
 Platforms: AndroidiPhone


The info and content of the 52 weekly topics offered in this app relate to women's health, ranging from contraception to arthritis, from depression to hormones, and much more. Make a list of favorite items for easy reference, and keep track of your personal health data including storing a list of Rx or detailing allergies. Each topic is enhanced by lifestyle tips to help you achieve greater wellness. 

MyMedList (MML) By: National Library of Health
                          Platforms: IPad, IPhone, IPod Touch

This app is invaluable to help you record, track, and manage your current medications. It allows you to keep reference of past Rx and to set reminders to take ones now. You can print or share the list with your pharmacist and medical providers, to avoid duplication and counteractions. 

MyFamily           By: Healthfinders.gov
                        Platforms: IPad, IPhone, IPod Touch        

Use this app to create a family wellness plan, and get information of the preventive and wellness services covered under the ACA health laws. Input each family member's history and health records, list of Rx, health-related activities and priorities. Get personalized information on prevention and wellness, access the glossary of medical terms,  or use the service locator. 

My Dietary Supplements (MyDS) 

                       By: National Institutes of Health

                       Platforms: Android, Andoid Tablet, Blackberry Touch, 
                       IPad, IPhone, IPod Touch, Kindle Fire   http://ods.od.nih.gov/HealthInformation/mobile/aboutmyds.aspx

Store the name and dosages of supplements, vitamins, herbs you currently take, and use as a reference at your next Doctor visit. This list can be printed or emailed. Research the extensive scientific database for other dietary supplements.  

Health Hotlines  By: National Library of Medicine
                        Platforms: IPad, IPhone, IPod Touch

This app lists over 9,000 names and numbers of private and governmental organizations, professional societies, referral centers, support groups, volunteer and advocate groups. While no recommendations are made by the NLM, this is the place to find information and access to assistance. 

More apps are available at: http://www.hhs.gov/digitalstrategy/mobile/mobile-apps.html?goback=%2Eanb_3106684_*2_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1#%21.
I encourage you to explore them. Flu tracking, pregnancy advice, smoking cessation and access to an extensive medical library of journals and articles are among those listed there. There are even a couple of games your teens, or yourself, might find fun and educational. 

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